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Senga’s CNC Turning Department is comprised of 14 Okuma lathes capable of turning diameters between .25 inches and 12.0 inches. Our primary spindles are equipped with automatic bar feeders with bar capacity ranging from 3/8" to 3" diameter. Senga continuously invests in the latest technology in an effort to improve Quality, Cost, and Throughput. This translates into higher quality components at a fair and competitive price with improved turnaround times.

Senga added to its fleet in the Fall of 2011 the most capable Lathe to date, The OKUMA LT-2000EX.


Multi Axis Turning



Not only do we have plenty of turning capacity at your disposal, by incorporating simultaneous ID & OD Turning utilizing lathes with twin turrets, dual spindles, as well as, live-tooling, we've successfully Improved cycle times, Minimized set-up time by eliminating mill set-ups, and Reduced tooling costs.

What does this mean?... Higher Quality components at a Fair Price.

Okuma LT2000EX
Precision Turning in Any Direction

Left and right spindles, upper and lower turrets – that’s ultimate teamwork for complete production on a single machine. The upper and lower turrets can be combined with either spindle, providing the ideal balance of primary and secondary operations. Maximize productivity in a small footprint.

Key Features:

Max Turning Diameter mm (in) Ø 210 (8.27)
Spindle Nose Type STD: Ø 140, Opt: BB: A2-6
Speed Range min-1 50~6,000, 50~4,500
Standard Power kW (hp) L/R: 11 / 7.5 (15 / 10) [22 / 15 (30 / 20)]
Rapid Traverse (X/Z) m/min(ipm) 30 / 40 / (1,181 / 1,575) C: 200 rpm, Y: 15 (591)



Okuma LT200-MY
MY = Milling & Y-Axis Function:

With 2 equal capacity spindles and turrets, the LT Series provides full 9-axis power, allowing for complete part production on a single machine. Our LT is equipped with a Space Saver 2002 bar feeder with a bar capacity up to 2” in diameter. Having 2 turrets allows us to simultaneously turn both ID & OD surfaces; couple that with the live-tooling capability of both turrets and we’re able to incorporate mill operations. In addition to being able to mill along the X and Z-axis, the LT comes equipped with a Y-axis allowing us to produce more complete parts. Add the pick-off 2nd (W-Axis) spindle, Senga now has the ability to drop off components, such as Receptacle Shells, complete without utilizing a 2nd machine. This multi-function technology is the most accurate machine on the market making it an ideal investment for Senga Engineering.




Okuma LU300-M Turning Centers
Okuma LU15-M Turning Centers

M = Milling function.

This lathe has live-tooling which allows us to perform Mill operations. Okuma’s LU series demonstrates the cycle time efficiency and return on investment gained by using 5-axis machines for finishing operations. The LU’s unique design allows both upper and lower turrets to move the full length of the spindle, increasing the service area of each turret and allowing for dual cuts in a single pass. With double the tools in the machine, set-up time is vastly reduced. By utilizing true 4-axis machining, cycle time is reduced by 30 – 40%. By utilizing the 5th axis milling capabilities, secondary operations are eliminated.

The LU series lathe is an ideal choice for Senga Engineering because it helps us (1) improve accuracy, (2) allow greater flexibility, and (3) increase productivity, which trickles down to our customers as Better Quality components in a Timely Manner at a Fair, Competitive price.


Okuma LT200-MY Lathe
Okuma LU300-M Lathe


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